In everyday use as well as in dog sports and working dogs, teeth and teeth are exposed to high loads.


In order to prevent increased wear and tear, we have developed a protective tooth cap from materials that have been tried and tested in human medicine, which can preserve the health and, above all, the performance of your dog.


Our mouthguard caps are made of a high-strength metal alloy and are extremely durable. These protective caps are individually handcrafted for the dog's teeth in the master workshop and fitted into the natural dentition.


In this way, the dog's natural biting force is retained.


Our protective cap effectively prevent with damage such as


 Broken tooth
 Enamel defects
 as well as excessive wear and tear

In order to keep the stress load for the dog as low as possible, the procedure is usually carried out without anesthesia. In addition, existing tooth damage can be protected from further defects by the tooth protection caps, and thus an animal (dental) medical treatment can be supported.


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Titanium K9 Teeth Caps