Vizsla female

Here we have our lovely and kind temperament female vizsla . Ready for a new home.

No bad reason for sale. Some individuals don't like the puppy stage and so at jpmank9, we have done the hard work for you. She has already foundation training like walking on a lead, great with other dogs and small children which makes her perfect to enter a family home.

She can live inside or out.

Vet book will be given on the same day of sale along with worming and flea treatment instructions.

For mor information or a friendly chat please call.

You can find alot of information about jpmank9 by doing a simple Google search. We are on YouTube and all major social media sites. All our dogs meet our high standards to be placed in your family home. Training is done to meet your needs and requirements.

Our aim is to provide you with the best family companion.

Testimonials can be seen on our website and fb page.

Everyday we offer help with privates lessons or our residential training programs and we are constantly helping families with their dogs. This is our passion.

We understand the challenges too get it right first time and this is why our before and after sale service is second to none.

For more information and other available dogs or training services we provide please contact us via telephone, email or through our website (link can be found on our account profile)

If you can’t see the dog you are looking for advertised, are struggling to decide on a breed or aren’t sure if dog ownership is for you then please give us a call for an unbiased and no obligation conversation.