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JP is a highly experienced, professional dog trainer, to all levels, and is the founder of JP-MANK9 Training Service.


He has many years of experience in competitive dog sports and presently competes with his Malinois, Vonlucianhan Armageddon, (aka 'Junior'), at BH , IPO1, UKTDA Level 2, CDEx, UDex WDex, TD op and mondioring.


JP competed at the BSPCA Service Dog of the Year 2015 with the following results: Working Dog of the Year: 3rd, Manwork (Neil Yates Trophy): 2nd, Obedience (Presidents Cup): 3rd, Agility (Zak & Scruff Cup): 1st. He also acheived 4th place mondioring championship in Spain 2017 and 9th place FMBB World Championship in Germany 2017. JP has also competed in and has done Helper work for several national level competitions.


When not helping clients to enjoy easier lives with their canine companions, JP competes in various UK dog sports with his own dogs. JP is also one of the most successful breeders of working malinois in the UK.




Took my beautiful female Malinois purchased originally from JP Man for training at 12 months old. Travelled 5 hours knowing it would be worth it. Spent time training and learned a lot about balanced training, how to focus the dog and get the best from her. Took skills away that improved our future obedience learning.


JP had my malinois, Moose, for residential training and achieved amazing results with him in the 4 weeks. He was an adult dog (with well established issues!) which I rehomed and since his time with JP he is a different dog - solid off lead recall, a happy dog and life with him is so much  more enjoyable now that we have control!! Thank you JP!!

Jean Pierre

Dog Trainer

Villetta, The Common, Upwell,

Wisbech. PE14 9AW

Tel: 07787 882251

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